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If you're looking to get in touch with a specific member, email us or dm us on instagram and we'll be sure to set you up.

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Hi! My name is Isaac Lenner and I look forward to helping with anything you may need. I love to watch and play sports. I am the captain of the varsity ice hockey team and I also play varsity lacrosse. I am a very outgoing person and enjoy getting involved with many activities. I am the Senior Class President and have been on student council for all four years of high school. Through this experience I have been able to work on meaningful projects with incredible people! I have been a peer leader since 7th grade and have expanded my leadership to be the co-president of the food sensitivities club and vice president of the FOOD club. My favorite subject in school is math and I really enjoyed AP Statistics last year. Feel free to reach out about anything from navigating high school to who to start in your fantasy lineup!

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My name is Jordyn Lipkin and I am a senior at Millburn High School. I am verbally committed to play lacrosse at the University of Maryland. I have an older brother and older twin sister. I love watching or taking part in sports and just being active. I am also very interested in learning more about sport medicine which is what I plan on studying in college.

I am a part of the varsity soccer and lacrosse team at Millburn. I am also a part of the CROC club. Outside of school I spend my time playing sports and making myself a better athlete. I enjoy pushing myself to become the best athlete I can be. I also love spending time with my  family and friends. 

A major accomplishment of mine was being awarded MVP of the Under Armour All-America event for my region. 

A class that was challenging for me was global security. I took this class at a younger age and the information that we learned in this class just did not stick too well for me. Another class that is challenging for me is any English class. I am not the best when it comes to writing and finding ways to be creative with my writing which makes English classes hard for me. The last class that was  challenging for me was Spanish 3. I found this class difficult because it was hard for me to remember all of the new vocabulary and rules that we would learn.

A class that I really enjoyed was biology. I find it really interesting to learn about the body and why we are the way we are. Since I was really interested in this type of class, I did really well. Another class that I found really interesting was US History II. I liked this class because I enjoyed learning about all of the more recent events in history that got the world to where it is today.

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Hi everyone! My name is Jacob Pollack. I have been very active at MHS in a variety of activities. I have been in MHS’s musicals and plays over the past 4 years, as well as being a part of the Drama Club’s yearly cabarets and events. I have participated in Cross Country (2 years), Track & Field (2 years), and Swimming (4 years), all of which at the Varsity level. I am also on a club swim team which I devote over 20 hours a week to, so I understand the importance of time-management. I am a big Disney lover, to the point that I created Millburn High School’s Disney Club (you should join). I have also been in Chorus for 4 years, created a performing arts club for students with disabilities (we would love new volunteers!), and have been a member of Peer Leaders for 4 years. I also have been in History Bowl for 3 years. I am also currently the head editor of the Front News section of our school newspaper, The Miller. Besides my extracurriculars, I have been in 11 AP courses and tons of accelerated courses, so I am quite knowledgable on each course, its teachers, and the workload required to do well. If you have any questions about anything, I would love to answer them. I am someone who asks tons of questions in school, so I do not discriminate against any question, even if you think they are stupid or basic.

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Hi! I’m Melanie, a senior at Millburn who enjoys STEM and hopes to pursue engineering specifically in the future. My favorite subject is math and I’m one of the VEX Robotics captains at the high school. I also started the Mental Health Awareness Club at our school. I can mainly help with advising students about the AP course load, pursuing STEM related activities at Millburn, starting/joining clubs, and Mental Health.

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Hi! My name is Corinne Quane and I am a senior at Millburn High School. I enjoy running, being a part of the Disney club, and working on the student council. I run all three seasons (XC, Winter & Spring Track), though I definitely run for fun and not because I hope to run for a college. My favorite subject is science, especially biology, and I love being a part of the science research program at our school. I'm happy to answer any of your questions regarding school, time management, or anything else you want to ask. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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Hi everyone! My name is Syon Lee and I'm a senior at MHS. I love learning about psychology and listening to different genres of music. 

Throughout high school, I've been involved in Peer Leaders, the GEMS Club (President), school and chamber orchestra (Principal violist), Student Liasion, and Student Council (Treasurer). I have also been swimming on the Varsity swim team since freshman year and my club team. 

Outside of school, I play for orchestras such as the New Jersey Youth Symphony, Regional Orchestra, and the Brevard Orchestra. I also volunteer at the Bernards Ensemble where we play for people with disabilities. 

3 Classes that were challenging:
- Accel chem with Mr. Ramos
- AP Bio with Mrs. Cocchiaro
- Accel English 9 with Mrs. Kade

My favorite classes were: 
- AP Lang with Mrs. Thoroman
- AP Stat with Ms. Fi

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions!

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Hi! My name is Lexi Abrams and I’m a senior this year. I’m super into politics and government, so I hope to major in Political Science in college! In the high school, I’m involved in peer leaders and I run winter and spring track. Outside of school, I’m involved with High School Democrats and Generation Ratify! 

MHS Activities

⁃Peer Leaders

⁃High School Democrats

⁃Mock Trial

⁃French Club

⁃Winter and Spring Track

Outside School:

⁃Membership Director, New Jersey High School Democrats

⁃State Co-lead, Generation Ratify

⁃Campaign Fellow, Tom Malinowski for Congress

⁃Junior Counselor, Diller Teen Fellows 

Major Accomplishments:

⁃Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Book Award

⁃Silver Key - Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

3 Classes That Were Challenging:

⁃US History I with Mr. Paul 

⁃Chemistry with Mr. Ramos

⁃AP French with Madame Spear 

2 Classes That I Liked:

⁃AP Lang with Ms. Lormand

⁃AP Go Po with Mr. Raymond

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Hey! I’m Anusha, I love listening to music and watching movies! 

⁃I’ve been captain of the LD Debate team for 2 years and I’ve debated for all 4 years of high school, I’m in the school orchestra as well as the chamber orchestra, I’m a peer leader, and I’m co-president of GEMS club (Girls in Engineering Math and Science), among some other things.

⁃Outside of school, I’ve played the piano for 12 years, and I have a satirical news website! ( I’ve also done Indian classical dance and played the viola at a county-wide orchestra for years.

⁃Major accomplishments: I’ve won a state-wide tournament and qualified to Nationals, and I’ve won other varsity debate tournaments and placed at plenty national/local tournaments. For piano, I’ve won national guild awards and given recitals every year (except 2020, of course). 

⁃Some challenging classes I’ve taken at MHS are Chemistry, Algebra II.

⁃Two of my favorite classes I’ve taken at MHS are AP Lang and AP Gopo.

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Hi, I am Stephen Cheng. I am part of ASK UP because I want to  to help you avoid the mistakes I made when I was but a lowly frosh. There is so much to do at MHS that sometimes its hard to even decide what to do, so I hope my advice can clear things up for you.

My interests: Science, Orchestra, Innovation, Deep Conversations

MHS activities:

Science Olympiad

Chamber Orchestra

Chess Club

Cross Country for 3 years

Debate 2 years

Major accomplishment: 

AIME Qualifier

Member of the NJ All-State Orchestra

3 classes that were challenging:

AP Biology, AP Language & Composition, American Literature

2 classes I really liked:

AP Biology, English 9

Outside of school:




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Hi! My name is Sarah Pivawer and I am a Senior this year. I danced for 10 years and played volleyball for 2. I love volunteering, two of the main organizations I volunteer with are Friendship Circle and American Red Cross. This year I will be Co-President of the Millburn High School Red Cross club. One major accomplishment for me is volunteering over 120 hours both Sophomore and Junior year and earning Varsity letters in Community Service. Three classes that are challenging for me are Spanish, Chemistry and Biology. I love math and one of my favorite classes is Sports and Entertainment Marketing.  

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Hi! I am Mia Sutton. I’ve lived in Millburn my entire life and this year is my senior year. I absolutely love hanging with my friends and dogs. High school is so much fun and I am SO jealous you guys are just starting! At Millburn it’s so amazing how dedicated the teachers are to help you do your best! I’m not your most athletic student but that does not stop me from being involved in school! I am part of many clubs! From PAIRS to lunch buddies and so much more! Being involved is COOL and FUN. If you have any questions and I mean any, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

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Hi, I'm Henry and I am so excited to answer any questions you may have! Nothing other than the Boston Celtics excites me more than a good book. When I'm not watching basketball or reading, I serve as president of the Millburn Speech and Debate, where I have been a national semifinalist at debate tournaments like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the season-ending Tournament of Champions. I am also a co-president of Millburn Mock Trial and the Millburn Future Physicians and Nurses Club. During the spring, I play varsity lacrosse. 

I will have taken 13 AP exams by the time he’s graduated Millburn (biology, French, English language, English literature, chemistry, US history, macroeconomics, microeconomics, physics 1, physics 2, psychology, calculus BC, and government & politics). I loved every class, and only ever achieved 5s. 

Whether it’s with extracurricular advice, academics help, or book recommendations (I have a lot), I can’t wait to help however I can!

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Hi! I'm Natalie, and I have a passion for painting and for people! When I'm not making art or doing things for BOTC, you can probably find me outside hiking. I've taken AP Studio Art, AP Lang, and some other APs—I've been through it all! PLEASE feel free to DM me or email me, I would love to help you!

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My name is Oren Abbott and I am currently a senior at Millburn Highschool. I went to elementary school at South Mountain and Deerfield. I love reading, working out, and playing baseball. 
I have been a part of the Millburn Varsity Club in charge of keeping the school up to date with sports and have been on the Millburn Highschool Varsity Baseball Team for 4 years. 
Outside of school I like to spend time with my friends and family as well as giving back to the community. Giving lessons to younger players as well as helping the less fortunate. 
As a sophomore in highschool i committed to Duke University on scholarship to further my academic and athletic careers.
Three of my hardest classes were AP Government and Politics, AP Spanish Literature, and Biology. 
I really liked U.S. History 2 Accelerated as well as Post Colonial Literature

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Hi I’m Devin and i’m a senior at MHS. I am interested in science and I love listening to music. At MHS, I have been a member of the peer leader program (3 years) as well as lunch buddies (2 years). I have also been a member of the MHS swim team (3 years) and I am a peer tutor. Outside of school, I swim for a club team and devote over 20 hours a week to club practice. I also train guide dogs for the Seeing Eye in Morristown; currently my family and I are training our 5th dog. My favorite subject is science, right now I am involved in independent (virtual) science research with my mentor at UPenn. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about course selection, AP courses, science research, time management or anything else you might want to know!

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Hi! I’m Alex, and I’d love to answer any and all of the questions that you may have! I am the longest standing member of Paper-mill Children’s Theatre on Tour, a selective group of performers throughout the state that puts on productions for children with disabilities. I am also an intern at Paper-mill’s Theatre For Everyone sessions, where I help teach improv classes to kids and adults with disabilities. Inspired by my work at the Paper-mill, I co-founded a club at MHS called InterACT Club, where we provide students with disabilities the opportunity to engage in musical activities. 

I am also the co-founder of the Safe Schools for Alex Club, in which we lead brainstorm meetings with students where we assess school safety and present our findings to the Superintendent, District Security Advisor, and National School Safety Activist, Max Schacter.  Some of my other extracurriculars include being the Head Editor of the “Student Spotlight” section of The Miller, tutoring at Mindset Tutoring, and being the Vice President of Princeton Model Congress. 

 By the end of my senior year, I will have taken 8 AP courses (European History, Language & Composition, Spanish Language & Culture, Government & Politics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Literature & Composition, and Comparative Government & Politics). I enjoyed (and am currently enjoying) all of them! The most challenging class I have taken in high school was accelerated chemistry with Mr. Ramos, but I learned a lot! 

Anyway, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! I look forward to hearing from you :)

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